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Event Details


Cal Cup Home Venue: Moorpark College - Moorpark, CA 90321 USA

Date: Memorial Day Weekend - May 23rd-26th 2025 (Friday to Monday)




Friday May 23rd to Monday May 26th: Super Men & Women's Games on FIH pitch

Saturday May 24th to Monday May 26th: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19, Open Social, Men & Competitive Women games 

U8, U10, U12 & U14 are 7v7 games


U16, U19, Social, Competitive, and Supers are 11v11

2- 4 GAMES/DAY Minimum:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday - Super & U19 Select

3- 5 GAMES/DAY Minimum:  Saturday, Sunday & Monday - All other games

** minimum games are guaranteed provided ALL games assigned are accepted

Umpire Experience

* EXPERIENCED Umpires: should have at least 2 years of officiating experience.

** Umpires must have a rating or license from one of the following: FIH, USAFH, FHF, HS Federation, State Affiliated License

Overnight Umpires

Hotel: Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights available, for Dedicated, traveling Umpires, double-occupancy required.  Alternately, up to $100 per night stipend for Dedicated traveling umpires.  Cal Cup will not pay $100 stipend if Umpire is staying with family, friends or similar for free.

** Umpires staying in the Hotel are expected to, and will be assigned to officiate early morning games on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & snacks at the field

Social Party - Sunday night @ location TBD

Official Tournament Shirt: Cal Cup Officials shirt will serve as your tournament uniform

Fees: $55/game - Super & U19 Select

          $45/game - Competitive, Social, U19, U16

          $35/game - U8, U10, U12, U14


Sign Up

All Umpires need to sign up and complete questionnaire online (If you are a returning umpire already in our system, please login and state your availability):

All Umpires will be paid on a daily basis via Venmo, Zelle or special arrangements.


Questions? Contact: Dave Jackson  email:

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